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General Questions

1.  What precautions are Aqua Tarin taking regarding COVID-19?

Aqua Tarin is following the most recent general health precautions regarding COVID-19 announced by the Ministry of Health of the KRG.  Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrance area to all visitors and within the restaurant areas. All visitors will have their temperatures checked at the entrance.  Any guests exhibiting signs of fever will not be permitted in the park.  Masks must be worn at all times in the changing rooms.  Social distancing is encouraged.  Our medical team and ambulance are on site during all operational hours.

2.  What are the dining options at Aqua Tarin?

Aqua Tarin proudly offers its guest a variety of lunch options at Kebab House.  There are also vending machines located in the park.

3.  What options are there for groups?

Aqua Tarin offers specialized discounts for both small and large groups.  PLease contact Pshtiwan Shex Mahdi at 0750-411-4400/5500 or to discuss options.

4.  Are there lockers?

Yes, private and secure lockers are available for free.

5.  Where do I buy tickets?

Guests can purchase tickets at the park.

6.  How do you ensure guest safety?

Aqua Tarin is fully staffed with trained lifeguards throughout the park.  There is also a licensed nurse on staff trained in CPR.

7.  What items are restricted at Aqua Tarin?

Alcohol, drugs, glass bottles, weapons, barbecues and portable ovens are restricted from the park.

8.  Can I celebrate my birthday at Aqua Tarin?

Yes! Aqua Tarin is happy to host birthday parties and private events and can even assist with catering.  Please contact us to schedule your event today!

9.  How many rides does Aqua Tarin have?

There are 9 adult rides and 6 children's rides in the park.

10.  Where is the Lost & Found located?

In the administration office adjacent to the entrance & locker rooms.

11.  What are the hours of operation?

Every day from 9am to 7pm.

12.  Where can I park?

Parking is free for all guests in front of the park.

13.  Can I purchase tickets in advance?

No.  Guests can purchase tickets at the park

14.  Does Aqua Tarin have wi-fi?


15.  What if it rains during my visit?

Any visitor that had to leave after less than 1 hour at the park will be reimbursed their full admission.

16.  Do your rides have weight or height restrictions?

Yes, please see the detailed information on each ride for more information on height and weight restrictions.  All riders should also take into account any medical conditions they have that may prevent them from safely using the rides.

17.  How many rides are available for young children?

There are 6 slides available for young children to enjoy.

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